The Bay Area Has Plenty of “Techies” but Very Few Digital Marketing Experts

You’d think that San Francisco would be full of “digital marketing experts”. Well, surprisingly, not exactly. Ironically, many of the workers in San Francisco are technical programmers, software types, and (very wealthy) CEOs. Only a few know not only marketing but also digital marketing: SEO, social media marketing, Google Ads, Facebook ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all the rest of the crowd. Continue reading

The Principle of Search Engine Optimization Is Very Simple. Doing It Is Not!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often presented as a “mysterious” sort of “expert” knowledge. In fact, the basic principle is very simple: it is getting a website to rank at the top of Google – the “top” being the first position on the first page for any subject on which someone is seeking information. Continue reading

Trademark Issues Are Becoming More Frequent in Online Advertising

Everything has moved online, and that includes advertising. Online advertising is not just Google, but Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest of them – even TikTok. All sorts of new legal issues arise, especially with trademarks. I am not a lawyer, nor an expert in trademarks, but I am an online advertising expert witness, and I can help demystify what’s going on in a legal battle. Continue reading